Before going back to Holland

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Top man - Shopping Code Admires the jewelery
Ruler training in Asda as a trolley dolley..... lol Code Laces up here new trainers !
Chillin at storms Code waiting for some food :D
Code waiting for those chicken wings.... lol Its Master chef..... oh .. nope its storm.... lol
Code and Storm messing around Code and Storm still messing around... lol
Code and Storm trying to act cool.... lmao The 3 AAT's ... lol
Ruler and Zeus Code and Zeus
Which one is more sleepy ... lol PS3 Time
Ruler playing Viking on PS3 Ps3 - Viking
Gaming at storms house Last minute chill .... Cases Packed.
Outside Bristol Airport Its Codeo
Easy Jet Check - in Whatever !
Caught off guard ! Code and Storm
Ruler at airport code and storm again
Waiting to check-in Still waiting
Storm - Can't wait till next year ! Bye for now.... Ruler and code hit security area.... but not goodbye .. hehe