AAT Event Pics - August 2008

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Storm's Pics
I'll Take The Lot Of Ya ! Com'on ! ! ! ! (Storms Brother Stuart) M4 Motorway services - Friday August 1st 1pm - We all meet up.
Campsite - Tents and Cooking area Hey ! The Screens Gone Blurry !
Settling in ...... Mexican Night ! That Chilli lasted 30 seconds..... lol
Jason wonders where he left the tequilla ! No wonder there was no RICE LEFT !! ! ... lol
Dodgy Characters .... lol Chill time
Sombrero Mon4 Getting in Character .. lol we were all in stitches
Deep in thought Hanging Out
Oh Crap Its Raining ! .... Think titanium is struggling.... lol Friday Night chill in Storms tent
Sheltering from the rain..... Firefox..... your supposed to drink from a bottle not try and eat it..... lol
Left to right, Sharp - Jason - Code - Blizzard - Mon4 - Neon Sharp and Jason using storm's bed as a lounge...... the cheek of it !
Delta Force Paintball .... Titanium (Front Left) And His Partner Kirsty (front right) BBQ Lunch After Paintball....... (Front Left to right) Stuart, Malaria, Blizzard
Getting changed ready for Karting....... Everyone wearing thier AAT T-Shirts !! ! ! ! The Offical AAT EvEnt T-Shirt 2008
10 Minute Break at the Park between events...... At the park
Spectating at SuperKart - Newport - Wales 5 min rest in the SuperKart Cafe
Karting AAT Only Winners, 1st Titanium, 2nd Warpigie, 3rd Mon4 Dearly Beloved, We are gathered here today......... LMAO
BUSTED ! Morning after ..... 05.45 am (Left to Right).. Warpigie, Mon4, Jason ... Hangovers i think.. lol Sunday afternoon.... Kirsty Day Dreaming.... hehehe
Neon and blizzard agree to disagree ? ... Code Discovers a new Crisp Flavour.... Ask about it... lol (Left to Right) Titanium doing a surfing pose lol, Mon4 doing a moon Walk, Neon catchin Flies... LOL
Ruler and Femke.... NL Pic Neon And Jason - Cyprus pic
Getting together for group pictures (Sunday Afternoon) Titanium, Warpigie, Mon4, Sharp, Malaria, Firefox, Blizzard, Storm, Stuart
Titanium, Warpigie, Mon4, Sharp, Malaria, Firefox, Blizzard, Storm, Stuart, Kirsty Back at Storms house, Malaria, Code, Ruler - (Back) Storm, Stu