AAT Event Pics - August 2008

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Ruler's Pics
Jaz: "Oi! Turn it around!" Lee: "Yeah yeah, whatever!"
Chris and Femke That's one big f'in tent!
Storm: Heheh! Mine is bigger! The chill area.
Richard's tent James looking like a muppet.
Femke distracting Mathew and Reece so Steve could grab a paintball gun. Sadly he did not bring it with him. Ola gringos, siesta!
Sssshhh, i was takin' a nap! Kirsty, Meg (the dog.... duh!) and Jon
The landscape. James .. where is your cider?
Everybody relaxing. Femke taking pictures.
Femke whisteling at Mathew in the back :P Lovely dog.
Mathew trying to pull of a streetdance. Hey Steve, I am over here!
That's better!